Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Post Vacation Blues

I was a little MIA last week as I visited West Palm Beach with my mom as a sort of Last Fling for the summer!  It was a wonderful time!  Now that I'm back home, though, I'm a little bit sad.  I miss being able to scamper around and do what I want when I want.  I mean, within a short amount of time being home our car over heated, my dog was sick, and our policeman neighbor told us that someone could have been peeping in our house.  Needless to say, reality set in pretty quick.  But, if you're headed to WPB anytime soon or just want to live vicariously, check out what we did!

We visited Sloan's Ice Cream parlor located in the City Place of WPB.  The ice cream was fabulous - all homemade and unique.  My fav's - Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Sloan's Dark Chocolate.  I consider myself an ice cream connoisseur though I didn't try anything fancy like their Coffee Ice Cream with Krispy Kreme's.  

The coolest part?  Their bathroom!  The bathroom has a glass wall.  When you lock the door - it freezes out in solid white!  How cool is that?   
Then I got to live out my CSI: Miami fantasies by going on an alligator air boat tour in the Everglades and visiting South Beach.  
Air boat tour = amazing.
Alligators = amazing.
South Beach= eh.  Who cares.

The best part was obviously yelling "YOWWWWW" like I was part of the CSI: Miami theme song...

Lastly, we beached it up.  Went to West Palm Beach and South Beach in Miami.  I didn't get any pics of the beaches because I didn't want to bring my phone with me but here is a pretty sweet dressed up palm tree.  

The best part of the beach trip?  Well here's a little story for you.

1.  Night before I ask a local what are the "must-do's" in WPB.  He says paddle-boarding.  I love paddle-boarding in Lake Michigan but am a little weary of shark-infested waters, I tell him.  He says I should be as sharks are migrating and there are "thousands of them up and down the coast right now." <- his words, not mine.
2.  Swimming in the ocean maybe 20 feet away from shore, the waters start to get dark.
3.  Everyone in the ocean starts sprinting out screaming.
4.  Everyone on the beach starts sprinting towards the ocean (and us) with cameras pointing.
5.  School of manatees swim up and by us MAYBE 5 feet away.

Obviously this was amazing but wayyyy cooler after I realized they were manatees and got over the fear of being attacked by sharks!

This isn't all we did.  We did quite a bit of shopping, ate at some amazing restaurants, and went to stand up at the Improv Comedy Club.  All of this makes me think, why stop having adventures when the school year starts? Adventure doesn't need to be limited to summer time vacations.  We can do it in the classroom and in our spare time.  With that being said, I'm going to start creating a adventure list of sorts to accomplish this year with my students.  Any suggestions to get me started?  I'll be posting about it soon so stay posted!