Friday, October 10, 2014

Positive Thinking Fursday

Happy Thursday (or in this case Friday) and welcome to Positive Thinking Thursday, Mrs. Laffin's Laughings weekly linky party where you can share a positive thought with the rest of us.  We're glad you're here!  Per usual, I'm a day late.  BUT it's better to be positive late than never right?!

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So I just started picking classes for my Spring 2015 semester.  Yes, that's right! This will be my LAST semester to finish up my M.A. in English Linguistics!

One of the amazing class offerings...


Amazing right?  For a while I sat there thinking... "Well, I should really take another course in my major shouldn't I?"  But then I thought, hey! The chance of me having the opportunity to take a class called "Humor and Adult Learning" is pretty few and far between.  Also, why not take a class that I think will be fun for once?!  So often we get into the mindset of doing what we do because we think we're supposed to.  It's so easy to fall into that trap right?  With professional, academic, and personal expectations, it's easy to see why we get so tripped up by what is essentially appearances.  In general, what I'm saying is, if something is fun or perks your interest... DO IT!

Live life to the fullest in whatever way that means for you.  For me, that means taking a super weird class that I'm hoping is as interesting as it sounds.  For you that might mean signing up to run a marathon even though you have a list of other things that you could or should be doing with your time.

Enjoy your life!  There's only so much of it that each of us has left!  Positivity doesn't just come from attitude.  It comes from our abilities to make wise choices for ourselves that not only impact use professionally but also personally. So radiate positivity in and through your choices.  Be someone that people describe as "Full of Love" or "Shining with Positivity!"