Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Conferencing with Students

A few weeks ago I flipped my classroom.
I sent out audio/visual lectures that were 10 minutes in length for my students to learn the content before we met. Then, instead of meeting as a class, we met in small groups. Throughout the semester I have been encouraging community in the classroom through group work so this worked out well.  Obviously the not meeting as a class could only work at the college level, BUT there are ways around this.  For instance, meeting with groups while others work individually.
Before my 20 minute conference sessions with each group, students were required to have watched the first lecture and read/annotate an article. This would be the article they would later write on.
During the conference, then, we briefly reviewed the content from the lecture and then moved on to applying what they had learned.
I got to work with students on their ACTUAL papers. This wasn’t theoretical. It was practical. The response from students was overwhelmingly positive. How this will affect my future classes, I don’t know, but I do look forward to the journey!

Visit http://flippedclassroom.org/ for more ideas on how to flip your classroom at any level with any subject!

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