Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lesson Planning Notebook

I’ve tried several lesson planning templates over the years… the free book that the school gives you at the beginning of the year, making a spreadsheet, using a microsoft word document. No matter what I used, I was writing things down and saving material in a ton of different places.

 So I devised my own system. This has a place for the date, the unit, and the lesson plan. It also has a box specifically for your sequence of events… it’s your quick guide to what you’re doing in class that day. Lastly, it has lecture notes or specifics. This is where I write out all of my talking points, instructions, definitions, comments, reminders, or anything else I need to remember to bring up or teach in class.

Yes, I hand write everything.

Everyone has their own system but this allows me to hole punch and keep in a binder. That way, next year when the class comes around, I not only have my unit plans but also my lectures..all saved in one, safe place!
I hope you enjoy!

Use and abuse.