Friday, May 9, 2014

Dear Brownbag: Bored Teacher

Dear Brownbag,
Sometimes I feel like I do the exact same thing in class everyday. As a teacher, I get bored. I do the same sorts of activities and I have the same format for my class everyday. Now I know that kind of regularity is good for my students, particularly those with learning disabilities, but it’s driving me crazy. I feel the itch to change it up but am not sure how to do it. Any suggestions?
Dear Teacher,
I totally understand! Even though I am a person who thrives on routine, doing the same thing everyday drives me crazy. My suggestion, do one thing different every week. This can be trying a new activity or having class in a new location like the computer lab or library. It can even be doing the same activity in a different way. For example, if you silent read in class everyday, try it with partners where they summarize each page together. Having one thing different every week keeps it fresh for you.
I know it’s not about the teacher per se but keeping it fresh is what keeps you motivated and doesn’t burn you out! And that, ultimately, effects how you teach and how your students learn.

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