Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fake It Till You Make It

We've all heard the saying "fake it till you make it" before.  Usually we think of ourselves acting in one manner before we become who we actually dream ourselves to be.  I agree with this in many respects.  But why limit this to ourselves?  Why don't we expand this cliche to that which more often affects our lives.

The people around us.

In the book Spirit Driven Success, Dani Johnson uses "time tested Biblical secrets to create wealth while serving others."  The book itself offers great insight into how we can apply Biblical practices to our lives today... specifically in the business world.

In one section she talks about treating what we have as what we want.  She writes "You have to treat it as though it is already.  Do you not like your car, and therefore, you do not clean it?  It's dusty, it's trashed, there's stuff broken; you just don't care about it.  [God] is seeing how you are treating what He has already given you to determine whether or not you are getting promoted to the next level."

Often times we wish for different students.  Students who are more attentive.  Students who are interested in learning and aren't just grade-hungry.  Or we wish for new co-workers.  Maybe if my department was more interested in professional development, collaboration, etc. I would be happier in my my department... in my current school.

~Let's change the paradigm of fake it till you make it.~

Imagine yourself being in the department of your dreams!  One that collaborates within the department and inter-departmentally.  Imagine yourself being challenged by your co-workers to be a better pedagogue and to be more well-versed in your content area.

Imagine that when you walk into your classroom your students are sitting at the edges of their seats in anticipation to hear what you have to say.  Imagine that when you preview the day's agenda that your students don't moan and grumble but they are excited and eager to work.

~Wouldn't this be wonderful?~

How would you treat your department members and students if this is how they were?  Take 5-10 minutes and visualize what that would look like in your life.  What behaviors would you demonstrate?  How would you talk to them?  In what ways would you react to questions or challenges?

This is how we should be acting already!  Change yourself first. Think about this every morning before work so that it becomes habit.  Set your day with intention.  After all, you are one constant in each of those children's lives!  No it won't change everyone around you, BUT it will change the way you interact with those around you.  AND it will make your days more pleasurable.

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